What are the functions of the Independent Police Auditor?

In summary, the Independent Police Auditor’s duties and responsibilities include:

  •  Complaint intake
    • To ensure access and safety, the IPA has a wide variety of ways to receive complaints including phone, email, website, walk-in and via mail. Complaints can be generated externally by community members (including anonymous and third-party complaints), internally by EPD staff, or by the auditor.
  • Classifying complaints
    • The authority to classify complaints rests with the Police Auditor alone. This classification determines the path of investigation for each complaint. The Auditor may also dismiss complaints if, for example, it falls outside the jurisdiction of the IPA, isn’t timely (as defined by City Code), or is better remedied in an alternate venue such as the courts. 
  • Monitoring investigations
    • The IPA actively monitors investigations and has complete access to all reports, body-worn and in-car video footage, call logs, dispatch records, e-mail correspondence, and interviews with witnesses and involved parties.
  • Recommending adjudications, policy changes, and training
    • Based on review of investigatory materials, the Auditor makes a recommendation on how the complaint should be adjudicated. These recommendations are documented in adjudication memos that are shared with the Chief and chain of command at EPD. The Auditor can also recommend changes to EPD policy and training. 
  • Reporting to the community
    • Community complainants receive a closing letter informing them of the classification and outcome of their complaint. The Civilian Review Board selects cases to publicly review and receives monthly updates on intakes and closed cases; finally, the IPA generates an annual report detailing complaints and outcomes from the previous calendar year.
  • Supporting a civilian review board

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