What should I expect after filing a complaint?

Once a complaint has been filed, a preliminary investigation will be completed by the Auditor to determine its classification. You will receive a notice from our office letting you know how it has been classified. Once classified, it will be forwarded to the appropriate party for investigation. If it is a service-level complaint, the supervisor of the involved employee(s) will look into the matter by following up with the involved officer(s) and calling you to provide you an opportunity to share your experience and learn the results of their investigation. Higher-level allegation investigations are typically handled by Internal Affairs. The Auditor actively monitors the investigation and participates in any employee interviews conducted. A memo is completed by both the EPD chain of command and the Independent Police Auditor detailing the investigative steps taken and adjudication recommendations. The Chief has final authority to adjudicate and impose discipline. All complainants receive a closing letter explaining the result of the investigation. The Civilian Review Board may review any closed case involving a sworn employee.  For more information, please visit the Investigation Process section of this page. 

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