What do the different complaint classifications mean?
  • Allegation of Criminal Conduct
    • Criminal Investigation typically conducted by another agency
    • Prosecutorial Review (to determine whether prosecution will occur)
    • Administrative Review/Re-classification following close of criminal matter
  • Allegation of Misconduct
    • Complaint alleging serious misconduct/major policy violation
  • Incident Review 
  • Inquiry
    • Question regarding a department policy, procedure, or regulation, or regarding employee conduct that would not qualify as a personnel complaint
    • A complaint may also be classified as an inquiry if it is a service-level complaint, but the Auditor would like additional investigation to determine the underlying facts.
  • Service Complaint
    • Complaint of minor misconduct related to police performance or demeanor, customer service and/or level of police service
  • Policy Complaint
    • Complaint about an EPD policy or procedure (not specific to an employee)
  • Community Impact Case 
    • Complaint alleging excessive force, bias, disparate treatment, or a violation of constitutional rights, which the Auditor recommends and CRB agrees to review as a CIC
    • Procedure set out in subsection (4) of Eugene City Code 2.244

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