What are the qualifications for serving on the CRB?

Members of the civilian review board shall be volunteers appointed by the city council, who immediately prior to appointment shall be:

  1. A resident of the city;
  2. Of the age of 18 years or older; and
  3. Able to pass a background investigation consistent with investigations conducted for other city volunteers who have similar access to police records and/or facilities. 

The following characteristics shall be considered by the city council when appointing members to the

civilian review board:

  1. A demonstrated ability to be fair, impartial and unbiased;
  2. An absence of any real or perceived bias, prejudice or conflict of interest;
  3. A record of community involvement;
  4. An ability to build working relationships and communicate effectively with diverse groups; and
  5. A demonstrated commitment to the purpose of sections 2.240 through 2.246 and 2.450 through 2.456.

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