How can I attend CRB meetings?

The CRB meets on the second Tuesday of most months from 5:30-8pm. The hybrid public meetings can be attended in person at 101 East Broadway, Suite 230, or virtually via Zoom. Please check our website every month, follow our social media, or sign up through City of Eugene's Stay Connected and subscribe to the Civilian Review Board to receive details about the next scheduled meeting.

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1. What is the difference between the Independent Police Auditor and the Civilian Review Board?
2. What are the qualifications for serving on the CRB?
3. Where can I apply to serve on the CRB?
4. Are CRB meetings open to the public?
5. How can I attend CRB meetings?
6. How does the CRB choose which cases to review?
7. How can I request that CRB review my case during one of their meetings?
8. Why can't CRB members disclose the names of officers and complainants during their case reviews?
9. Why don’t CRB members discuss discipline received by the officer(s) when reviewing a case?