What if I don’t want the proposed improvement?
A property with an irrevocable petition for a particular project is considered in favor of the project -- whether or not the current owner is in support. The property owner retains the right to file a written objection but cannot remonstrate. If the written remonstrance cause support for the project to fall below the required 50%, the City Council must override with a 2/3 majority vote (6) before a local improvement district can be formed and construction can begin.

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1. What is an irrevocable petition (IP)?
2. What types of projects are associated with an IP?
3. How can I get a copy of the petition?
4. When could the construction occur?
5. What if I don’t want the proposed improvement?
6. How will I know about any public meetings concerning a proposed project?
7. How do I pay for the improvements?