Are City-performed sidewalk repairs guaranteed?

If you hire the City to replace a section of your sidewalk which is raised because of a public street tree, the City offers the current property owner a one-time like repair at no charge to you as the property owner, if additional work is needed again at that same location and because of that same street tree. This guarantee is only valid for one repair and is non-transferable to a subsequent property owner.

The sidewalk guarantee does not apply if the City performs repairs stemming from a private tree or performs other sidewalk work.  If the property owner requests to retain a public street tree after Urban Forestry has inspected and recommends removal, the one-time like repair warranty does not apply. The City does not guarantee any repairs made by property owners or private contractors because the City does not know the quality of the workmanship or whether appropriate steps have been taken to prevent future damage. If the City is hired to grind a sidewalk, the City will perform one additional grind at that location free of charge, based on previous criteria. However, if the sidewalk continues to raise it becomes the property owner's responsibility to arrange and pay for replacement.

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