Call before you dig… 811
The Oregon Utilities Coordinating Council asks you to “Dig Safely” by contacting them prior to digging to avoid injury from underground utilities. Before planting a tree, digging a ditch or preparing for other building types of activities, you need to call the utilities; this is the responsibility of the customer and not that of the City of Eugene or another governing body.

Call 811 to request that utilities be located on the property where you propose to dig several days prior to digging. You will need to provide information about the project you are planning, what type of work will be done and the affected local utilities. The City of Eugene’s Public Works Maintenance Division will be notified by the One Call Center. Within a few days, a locator will research the property and come to the site to make markings on the ground.

The color coded markings follow the national standard adopted by the American Public Works Association. For more information visit the Call Before You Dig website or call Public Works Maintenance at 541-682-4800 or email PWM.

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