What is the Right-of-Way?
When working in the public way or right-of-way, permission from the public agency is always needed. The right-of-way includes the entire area from curb to curb on paved streets, but also includes property beyond the curb. On streets with sidewalks, the planting strip between the curb and sidewalk, as well as the sidewalk area itself are also within the public right-of-way. In areas without sidewalks, the public right-of-way may extend several feet beyond the curb or end of road surfacing. To learn more about the public right-of-way on your property, use the Survey Location Book or you can contact Public Works Engineering at 541-682-5291 or email PWE.

The Public Works Maintenance staff provide a variety of services to the public regarding right-of-way. From sidewalks to street pole banners to locating underground utilities, the Permits and Right-of-Way staff can provide direction and assistance in navigating the necessary permits and applications.

For more information, call Public Works Maintenance at 541-682-4800 or email PWM.

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