What ice and snow control methods does Public Work use?

A variety of ice and snow control methods are used for maintaining city streets during winter storm events.

Traditional Methods

Traditional ice and snow control methods include the use of snow plows and sanders, which apply aggregate on street surfaces for the purpose of traction control. The use of sanding rock, or aggregate, is seen more as a reactive approach to ice and snow control.

Due to the displacement by vehicles and wind, sanding rock is only applied when freezing conditions exist.

Liquid or Wet Method

Liquid deicing and anti-icing products can be applied prior to freezing events, if conditions allow, preventing frost, ice and snow from bonding to the road surface.

Sanding rock that is pre-wetted with liquid deicing products is being used with our first-response plow and sander. By pre-wetting sanding rock, aggregate is able to penetrate into frost, ice and snow, in turn reducing the amount of displacement. This method of sanding adds to the effectiveness of the applied product and also reduces the amount of product needed.

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