How can we get something new in our park?
Requests for new park infrastructure such as restrooms, lighting, benches, drinking fountains, playgrounds, community gardens, trash cans or shelters are reviewed via the Community-Initiated Park Development Process or “CIPDP” (pronounced “sip-dip”). CIPDP requests are reviewed and facilitated by the parks planning manager. Contact a volunteer coordinator if you’re interested in setting up a CIPDP meeting.

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1. How do I find out about volunteer projects?
2. What do volunteers do?
3. What do I need to bring?
4. Can I get school credit for volunteer hours?
5. Is RSVP required?
6. Any age requirements?
7. Experience required?
8. What if it’s raining?
9. Will there be a bathroom?
10. What is a park adoption?
11. Can we get a sign acknowledging our park adoption?
12. Can I volunteer if I’m not part of an adoption group?
13. Internships with Eugene Park Stewards?
14. How can we get something new in our park?