Who is eligible for an Arts & Business loan?
Applicants must be a 501 ©3 nonprofit or be fiscally sponsored by one, including individual artists OR be a business primarily located within Eugene.
- Loans must directly support arts and culture in Eugene or be placemaking projects/business improvements that utilize the arts as a primary strategy for community or economic development.
- Individuals must reside in Eugene

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1. What is this loan program for?
2. Who is eligible for an Arts & Business loan?
3. I’m a startup – would my business qualify?
4. Do I need to provide collateral to obtain loan funding?
5. What types of loans are available?
6. What is the repayment timeline?
7. What is the interest rate?
8. What is the loan amount I can apply for?
9. How do I apply?
10. How quickly can loans turnaround?
11. Are there any fees to apply?
12. Where does the funding come from?