What types of loans are available?
There are four types of loans:
- Bridge loans for special projects secured by contract, grant, foundation funding or other guaranteed income.
- Opportunity loans for new revenue stream investments, expansions or cost-saving opportunities
- Infrastructure loans to fund historical renovations, storefront improvements, and creative place making projects or events.
- Creative Capital loans for fundraising events or performance production expenses and artists fees that are secured by event revenue or box office receipts.

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1. What is this loan program for?
2. Who is eligible for an Arts & Business loan?
3. I’m a startup – would my business qualify?
4. Do I need to provide collateral to obtain loan funding?
5. What types of loans are available?
6. What is the repayment timeline?
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10. How quickly can loans turnaround?
11. Are there any fees to apply?
12. Where does the funding come from?