If my project is not selected, can I apply again?
Most certainly. If there are a lot of applications we unfortunately expect that some great projects will not be awarded. We want to make sure these projects have another chance during the next award cycle.

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1. My property has historical significance but it is not listed as a City Landmark or on the National Register of Historic Places. Am I eligible for this grant?
2. Why does the award require a dollar-for-dollar match from the property owner?
3. If my project is not selected, can I apply again?
4. If my project is selected, can I apply again during the next award cycle for a different project on the same property?
5. How do I improve the chances that my project will be awarded?
6. Are there rules regarding the project budget?
7. If my project is selected and I successfully complete it, how do I collect the award money?
8. Why did the City initiate this program?
9. If a friend or family member owns a historic property, can I fill out this application and help them complete the project?