Why did the City initiate this program?
The City and Historic Review Board believe there should be more incentives for owners of historically significant properties. This program will award cash to property owners that can be used to improve and/or repair their historic structure. Not only will this program help to improve the City’s existing historic structures, but it will hopefully encourage others to consider listing their property as a historic resource so that they can be eligible to participate.

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1. My property has historical significance but it is not listed as a City Landmark or on the National Register of Historic Places. Am I eligible for this grant?
2. Why does the award require a dollar-for-dollar match from the property owner?
3. If my project is not selected, can I apply again?
4. If my project is selected, can I apply again during the next award cycle for a different project on the same property?
5. How do I improve the chances that my project will be awarded?
6. Are there rules regarding the project budget?
7. If my project is selected and I successfully complete it, how do I collect the award money?
8. Why did the City initiate this program?
9. If a friend or family member owns a historic property, can I fill out this application and help them complete the project?