I have a question about a specific vacant lot in my neighborhood; where can I find more information?

Many residents expressed a desire for information about specific vacant lots in their neighborhood. Concerns ranged from public safety to the perception that the development process was taking too long. The City of Eugene has an obligation to apply regulations fairly and evenly to all properties, meaning that developing a property can take varying amounts of time based on the size or complexity of a proposed project and the associated public review process. 

It is important to note that private property is developed at the discretion of the owner, who may choose to wait to develop the land for various reasons. The nature of private property also means that there may be limited information available about the future plans for a particular site. 

Residents can sign up to receive a weekly email notifying them of new land use applications that the City of Eugene has received. This allows community members to stay informed when new projects are proposed. These emails include land use applications across the city and are not exclusive to River Road and Santa Clara.


Search land use applications received by the City of Eugene
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