Where is the downtown core?

The downtown core is illustrated in the shaded section of the map below. It ranges from Lincoln St. to Pearl St., 8th Ave. to 10th Ave., and extends to 11th Ave. from Charnelton St. to Willamette St. The public right-of-way, consisting of sidewalks, medians, streets and alleyways, are included in the downtown smoke-free area. This ordinance does not include privately owned areas like outdoor patios or parking lots.

Map of downtown core

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1. What are the benefits of smoke-free public spaces?
2. What is included in “public spaces?"
3. When will this policy take effect?
4. Where is the downtown core?
5. What exactly does the new rule prohibit?
6. Will the policy apply to events that take place in Eugene’s downtown core?
7. How will the smoke-free policy be enforced?
8. I have a business in the downtown core. Is there an option to opt-out of this rule for public space that is adjacent to my private establishment?
9. What are the impacts if my private establishment chooses to opt-out?
10. My commercial property is outside the downtown core. Is there an option to opt-in to this rule?
11. How will the community become aware of the rule change?
12. Did the community have a chance to comment on the proposed rule change?
13. Why are e-cigarettes prohibited?
14. What are some of the benefits of quitting smoking?
15. What resources are available to help people quit smoking?