What is the 2,021 for 2021 tree planting?

In advance of the World Athletics Championships and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Eugene Parks & Open Space program launched 2,021 for 2021: an initiative to plant 2,021 giant sequoia trees by 2021. While working hard to clean the air, giant sequoias also make our community more attractive, livable, and prosperous. They have been planted in shared public areas such as parks and street medians, as well as in private spaces like schools, local businesses, and homes. The 2,021 for 2021 project ultimately will boost Eugene’s urban forest and turn hosting the Championships into a more sustainable opportunity for the southern Willamette Valley. All of the trees have been planted! To learn more, please visit website linked above or email project lead Scott Altenhoff with Urban Forestry. 


City of Eugene staff decided to keep the name of this project as-is (keeping the name ’2021’ instead of changing it to ’2022’) in the spirit of capturing the excitement and enthusiasm the community held for the World Athletics Championships event prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. New projects are underway that take long-term community recovery from COVID-19 into account and will be promoted accordingly. 

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