How has Urban Renewal been used?

Council has used Downtown Urban Renewal to support significant downtown improvements, primarily public projects including the Hult Center, Eugene Public Library, Lane Community College Downtown Campus, and the LTD downtown station. Since 1998, City Council has focused the use of the Downtown Urban Renewal District almost exclusively on public improvements in downtown – helping fulfill the public’s vision for downtown.

The Downtown Revitalization Loan Program has provided almost $6 million in loans to support downtown redevelopment and leveraged over $26 million in private funds. The revolving loan program provides gap funds that are repaid and then loaned to other projects. The loan program has supported and enhanced our local businesses including places like the McDonald Theatre, the Jazz Station, Oregon Contemporary Theater, Davis Restaurant, Shoe-A-Holic, Harlequin Beads, the Barn Light, Sizzle Pie, First National Tap House, First on Broadway (apartments), Red Wagon Creamery, Party Downtown, Broadway Commerce Center (office building), Off the Waffle, Woolworth Building, Cowfish, and Brenner’s Furniture.

You can view an interactive map of downtown redevelopment projects here. City Council has used urban renewal on a number of these projects.

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