What has been done in the Downtown District with urban renewal funds?

City Council, acting as the Agency Board, has used Downtown Urban Renewal to support significant downtown improvements, including: 

  • Provided the land and an $8 million grant to build the Lane Community College Mary Spidle Center at 10th and Olive.
  • Helped fund the Broadway Place mixed-use development, which made funds available for additional public safety efforts downtown including nine Eugene Police officers.
  • Contributed about 76% of the total funds for the Downtown Public Library.
  • Funded improvements to downtown lighting.
  • Funds the downtown business loan program that helped the Broadway Commerce Center, the Woolworth Building, the McDonald Theatre, Davis Restaurant, Shoe-A-Holic, The Barn Light, Sizzle Pie, One East Broadway, and Harlequin Beads and Jewelry.
  • Funded the construction of the Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza
  • Funded the construction of EUGNet, a municipally- owned broadband network that provides high-speed fiber connections for buildings in the downtown area. 
  • Funded the construction of the first phase of improvements to the Hult Center Plaza and Willamette Street connection between 6th and 7th Avenues. 
  • Helped fund the creation and installation of new wayfinding signage in downtown. 

In addition, the Downtown Revitalization Loan Program has provided almost $6 million in loans to support downtown redevelopment and leveraged over $26 million in private funds. The revolving loan program provides gap funds that are repaid and then loaned to other projects. The loan program has supported and enhanced our local businesses including places like the McDonald Theatre, the Jazz Station, Oregon Contemporary Theater, Davis Restaurant, Shoe-A-Holic, Harlequin Beads, the Barn Light, Sizzle Pie, First National Tap House, First on Broadway (apartments), Red Wagon Creamery, Party Downtown, Broadway Commerce Center (office building), Off the Waffle, Woolworth Building, Cowfish, and Brenner’s Furniture.

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