What is “the Code” and what does it do?

The City of Eugene Land Use Code regulates what can be built in Eugene. Generally speaking, Chapter 9 of the code governs the size, shape, and location of new buildings, site improvements like parking and landscaping, and many other aspects of the city we live in every day. Most of the code is written in technical language that tries to lay out the rules as clearly as possible, often using standards that can be measured.

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1. Why are we updating the code?
2. How will the design code affect me?
3. What is “the Code” and what does it do?
4. What’s included in the design code?
5. What’s a “Special Area Zone”?
6. How does this relate to the recent discussion of South Willamette Street Improvement Plan?
7. What does the design code propose to do with South Willamette Street?
8. What is the "streetside realm"?
9. Who’s responsible for the code and what’s the update process?
10. How is the community being involved and informed?
11. What changes can I expect to see in the area?
12. What else are we doing to realize the vision?
13. What is MUPTE and why is it being proposed for this area?
14. How does new development happen?
15. How can I stay informed and share my views on the design code?