What’s included in the design code?

The existing zoning in the South Willamette district will be removed and replaced with a new "special area zone." The updated code will shape future development according to the vision in the South Willamette Concept Plan. Most of these changes reflect and reinforce existing development patterns in the district.

Here are a few examples. In areas currently zoned for commercial use, maximum building height will be reduced from 10 stories to 5 stories. Most existing multi-family zones will continue to be multi-family, with some changes in height. In several locations, existing single-family residential use (R-1) will be changed to allow multi-family uses, and in other areas to allow new, single-family housing types like row houses, cottage clusters, and courtyard homes. The code update will encourage more open space, parking flexibility, improved street design for pedestrians, and mixed use. New design standards will raise expectations for new development, while menus of options and some built-in flexibility will create a smoother permit application process. In addition, new standards for “transitions” will improve compatibility between larger-scale buildings and single-family, low-density homes.

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1. Why are we updating the code?
2. How will the design code affect me?
3. What is “the Code” and what does it do?
4. What’s included in the design code?
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