Were legal notices sent to residents?

Yes.  Prior to the Planning Commission Public Hearing, legal notices were sent to property owners and occupants within the Special Area Zone boundary and also those within 500 foot of the area. Mailing Lists and Maps were sent through the US Postal Service.

  • 390 public notices (Measure 56 notices) were sent to property owners within the proposed Special Area Zone boundary;
  • 2,001 notices were sent to owners and occupants within 500 feet of the proposed boundary and to occupants within the proposed boundary;
  • 2,692 postcards invitations to the Planning Commission Open House were sent as well.  These were not required by State Law or City Ordinance.

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1. Why adopt the SW-SAZ now? What purpose does this plan serve?
2. How does South Willamette connect to Envision Eugene?
3. Are the existing buildings the maximum height and area allowed under the current code?
4. Were legal notices sent to residents?
5. Has city staff gone above the minimum public engagement required by state and city law?
6. How and when was the study area boundary established?
7. Are multi-family residential uses currently allowed on Willamette St. in the commercial area?
8. Has the City studied how the proposed code would impact the area differently than the current code?
9. Does proposed code account for the need for light, air and views on Willamette Street?
10. Can I renovate or add on to my building without triggering the new code design standards?
11. Does the plan reduce existing problematic adjacencies between high density development and low density houses?
12. Will my Property Taxes be affected?
13. Will the City of Eugene rezone other properties adjacent to the SW-SAZ, or across South Eugene?
14. Is the outcome already decided?
15. Will EmX serve the South Willamette area?
16. Is MUPTE being adopted in South Willamette?