Can I renovate or add on to my building without triggering the new code design standards?

Yes.  The proposed code specifies that renovations and additions up to 30% (see below) do not trigger the design standards.  The triggers are: 

  • New development on vacant property;
  • New buildings on property that is currently developed;
  • Alterations of existing buildings that add a dwelling(s), with specific exceptions for qualifying Secondary Dwelling Units.
  • For properties in the Mixed Use or Apartment/Condominium subdistricts: Expansions of existing building square footage by 30 percent or more, or that exceed 3,000 square feet, whichever is less;
  • For properties in the Single Family Options subdistrict: Expansions of 500 square feet or 30 percent or more of the total existing building square footage on the development site, whichever is less.  In cases where the standards apply, they shall be considered applicable only for the portion of the development site impacted by the proposed development.

Additionally, the city’s standard provisions for rebuilding structures after a catastrophe apply:  a building damaged in a fire, earthquake or similar event can be restored, as long as the reconstruction begins within two years of the damage.

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