Is MUPTE being adopted in South Willamette?

No.  At a later date, City Council may expand the MUPTE boundaries upon approval of: 

  1. Amendments to the code that require that a percentage of the units in an approved tax exemption project must be workforce housing or that the developer must make a commensurate “in-lieu of” payment to the City that is based on workforce housing rental rates, and that those payments shall be used to facilitate or develop workforce housing; and
  2. Refinement plan policies that specifically provide for multiple-family and mixed use projects within that area, and that those policies are acknowledged pursuant to ORS 197.625.

The areas that the council may approve later are: the downtown area west of Charnelton; Mid-town; South Willamette; West 11th; 6th/7th Trainsong Highway 99 Corridor; Valley River Center commercial area; North Franklin; South River Road; Mid-River Road; North River Road; South Coburg Road; Mid- Coburg Road; and North Coburg Road.

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16. Is MUPTE being adopted in South Willamette?