Who will be on the community review panel?

To ensure accountability for the expenditure of Community Safety payroll tax, the City Manager has convened a Community Safety Citizen Advisory Board. This group will review the use of payroll tax funds and report on the City’s use of the tax revenue each year. In addition, after seven years the board will conduct a comprehensive review of the City’s community safety system, use of the payroll tax revenues, and compliance with the ordinance. All reports will be provided to the City Council and public. 

Read more about the Citizen Advisory Board and see a list of members. 

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1. Why do the City’s community safety services need more funding?
2. How did the Council decide on a payroll tax?
3. What is a payroll tax?
4. How will the City be held accountable with money earned from the payroll tax?
5. Who will be on the community review panel?
6. Will public employees have to pay the payroll tax?
7. What do I get for my money?
8. Why isn’t money from the marijuana tax, or other taxes, being used instead of a payroll tax?
9. How is it legal that I can be taxed for local services if I don't live in Eugene and don't have representation there? (i.e., no taxation without representation)