Why are you doing something about a native species?

The City’s forest management approach has generally been to encourage and allow natural ecological processes to take place in our natural areas. We are only taking this action because the scale of this Douglas-fir beetle outbreak could significantly impact a sizeable portion of the forest, including large, older, and healthy trees, and because of the unique value of Hendricks Park to our community.

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1. Why are you doing something about a native species?
2. What will the installation of the pheromone look like?
3. How long will the pheromone tabs be installed in the park? Will you be doing this every year?
4. What are the risks to humans and wildlife from the Douglas-fir beetle pheromone? What is a pheromone?
5. Will this just push the beetles to the trees on my private property?
6. Is the City providing pheromone tabs to private citizens?
7. Are the standing dead trees within the park and adjacent to the edges of the park safe?
8. Will you be treating other Douglas-fir forests in the Ridgeline Park System or on Skinner Butte?