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Murray Hill Park

Subfacility of Ridgeline Trail System

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  1. Undeveloped natural area


Murray Hill Park is an undeveloped natural area in Eugene’s Ridgeline Park system, located north of Gimpl Hill Road and south of Willow Creek Road. The park features views of the Coast Range and diverse habitats including upland prairie, oak woodlands and savanna, and conifer forest.

Currently, the park can be accessed only by gravel roads, and there is no designated parking. The Gimpl Hill access road is a shared driveway with a private residence. The Willow Creek access road is blocked by a gate and there is very limited parking along Willow Creek Road.

New Ridgeline parks

The City of Eugene has acquired additional natural areas in the Ridgeline Park system, including Murray Hill, with a goal of providing uninterrupted trails and habitat across the system and beyond—from Fern Ridge Reservoir in the west, to Mount Pisgah in the east. This supports the Ridgeline Area Open Space Vision and Action Plan, as well as the larger vision of the Rivers to Ridges Partnership, which consists of 16 conservation organizations and agencies committed to protecting and enhancing the region’s land and water resources.

Murray Hill and other recently acquired ridgeline parklands are not yet developed. Visit these areas at your own risk—they typically lack developed trails, wayfinding signage, or designated parking. If visiting these sites, please respect park rules, private property, and regulatory signage. To avoid being towed, do not block maintenance gates or park on road shoulders or in other undesignated areas. Please watch your step to avoid trampling wildflowers or disturbing wildlife. Natural hazards such as ticks, poison oak, and uneven terrain are more common than along the city’s designated and maintained trails, and emergency access can be very limited in many of these sites.

  • 77.8 acres
  • West region


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