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Amazon Headwaters Park

Subfacility of Ridgeline Trail System

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Amazon Headwaters Park in south Eugene includes several hiking and mountain bike trails. Visitors will discover the wilds of upper Amazon Creek, occasional views of the city, and lush Douglas and grand fir forests.

Trail information:

Fox Hollow to Dillard (Difficulty Rating: Easy)

This section features a loop trail for pedestrians, a shared-use hiker and mountain bike trail, and connections to both the Dillard East and Dillard West trailheads. The pedestrian trail follows the ridgeline at an easy, level grade, crossing through the upper headwaters region of Amazon Creek. Pedestrians can make a loop by returning on the shared-use path which is also very gentle, making it a good beginner route for mountain bikers, hikers with young children, or those new to hiking.

Martin Street to Fox Hollow (Difficulty Rating: Strenuous)

This shared-use trail steadily climbs through the forested headwaters of Amazon Creek. Surrounded by big-leaf maple, Douglas-fir, and even Pacific yew, this trail offers the experience of Amazon Creek in its natural setting, before it becomes channelized through town. Near the Martin Street trailhead, a spur trail provides an alternate route following the power line corridor to connect with the Rexius Running Trail.

Other trails

All official trails in Eugene’s Ridgeline Trail system are graveled and feature signage. There are also many user-created trails in Amazon Headwaters Park. Some of these trails are causing erosion and or damage to native habitats. Please watch your step to avoid trampling wildflowers or disturbing wildlife. Please also respect park rules, private property, and regulatory signage. To avoid being towed, do not block maintenance gates, or park on road shoulders or in other undesignated areas. Natural hazards such as ticks, poison oak, and uneven terrain are more common than along the city’s designated and maintained trails, and emergency access can be very limited in many of these sites.

Protecting the Ridgeline's natural resources

In addition to providing recreational opportunities in Ridgeline natural areas, such as Amazon Headwaters Park, we strive to maintain and restore these parklands to provide wildlife habitat, clean air and water, and reduce flooding through the protection of upland vegetation and sound ecosystems.


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