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Campbell Community Center

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  1. ADA-accessible
  2. Chairs
  3. Drinking fountains
  4. Electrical outlets
  5. Kitchen
  6. Meeting Rooms
  7. Off street bike / pedestrian path
  8. Parking lot
  9. Patio
  10. Recreation center
  11. Restrooms
  12. Tables
  13. Wi-Fi

Program Information

Campbell Community Center offers classes, activities, weekly social groups, presentations, support groups, and special events of interest to Eugene-area adults. We also partner with local agencies to provide limited social services. Visit our program page for more information.

Rental Information

Located in Skinner Butte Park, this center offers a touch of class with its lovely gardens and outdoor courtyard. The facility is ideal for anniversary/birthday parties, weddings and receptions, and for meetings or group events. It is conveniently located close to downtown and offers accessible parking.

Rental Rates

 Regular Season (September 1 - April 30):

    • Great Hall: $70 per hour
    • East Hall: $70 per hour
    • East Hall and Terrace: $70 per hour
    • Meeting Room*: $30 per hour

Peak Season (May 1 - August 31, Sat/Sun Only)

    • Great Hall: $85 per hour
    • East Hall: $85
    • East Hall and Terrace: $85 per hour
    • Meeting Rooms*: $30 per hour


    • Great Hall: Theater style 150, seated tables 135
    • East Hall: Theater style 120, seated tables 105
    • East Hall and Terrace: 200+
    • Meeting Room: 20-35

Rates are quoted per hour for rentals occurring during closed business hours (without alcohol consumption). For rentals during open building hours, deduct $10 per hour. For alcohol rentals add $15 per hour. A refundable cleaning/damage deposit is required $100/$150 with alcohol rental. Non-city residents will be assessed a 20% surcharge. *Available to rent during regular business hours only. 

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