What is the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan?

The River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan captures the community vision for growth and development in a manner that respects the area’s unique characteristics and opportunities. This plan will guide decision-making in River Road and Santa Clara for decades to come and focuses on the topic areas of Economic Development, Transportation, Parks and Natural Resources, Land Use, and Community. To reflect the community values, aspirations and priorities expressed during outreach, each topic area includes:

  • Vision statements which are aspirational descriptions of the community’s best outcome for how the neighborhood will look, feel and function 20 years and more into the future.  
  • Goals that translate the vision, describing hopes for the future on a particular idea. 
  • Policies that will be formally adopted by the City and County to provide a consistent course of action and move the community toward manifesting its goals.
  • Actions which are possible strategies identified by the community, captured in the Action Plan, to implement the adopted policies over time.  These will require ongoing advocacy and coordination between various partners. 

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1. What is the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan?
2. Why are we developing a neighborhood plan for the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods?
3. What will the Neighborhood Plan do?
4. What is the Action Plan? How does it support the Neighborhood Plan?
5. What happens after adoption? What does Plan implementation look like?
6. What changes might affect the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods?
7. Will the Neighborhood Plan impact annexation?
8. Why is River Road a key transit corridor? How does this relate to Envision Eugene?
9. How will the Neighborhood Plan impact traffic? What transportation improvements are planned?
10. How will Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) impact parking requirements?
11. What parks are planned in River Road-Santa Clara?
12. Who maintains the riverfront? How can I submit a maintenance request or report illegal activity?
13. What current regulations guide development along the Willamette River? What about other local waterways and natural resources?
14. Do River Road and Santa Clara residents have access to a library?