Does my match need to be 100% cash?

No, your match can be any combination of cash or in-kind contributions but your match must be equal to or greater than your request. Read more about the budget in How to Create Your Art in the Parks Budget for step-by-step instructions.

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1. Does my match need to be 100% cash?
2. What do I do if my expenses and revenue do not match up in the budget?
3. Am I responsible for paying for the permits for my program?
4. I have an idea for an event but not a date. Is that okay?
5. I want to include artists in my program, but I’m not sure how much to pay them.
6. I want my program to happen outdoors, but I don’t know how to plan for inclement weather.
7. Why is the 2024 Art in the Parks application due in November if my program won’t be until next summer?
8. I am considered a large-scale event and want to apply for consecutive funding for 2024 and 2025. Do I submit two applications, one for each year?