How does the Sustainable Event Services Program work?

The contracted Sustainable Event Services Program (SES) Program provider,  Action Rent-All will work with your event to determine what dishware is a good fit for your food service needs.  

Public events anticipating over 250 attendees or more, and that are held within Lane County, are eligible for the program.  Dishware and other equipment must be reserved at least three weeks in advance by contacting Action Rent-All & Events at 541-726-6517.

The SES Program replaces disposable plates and utensils with  cost-effective, durable, and reusable plates, bowls, cups, and silverware and provides sanitized water refilling stations. After eating at their chosen food vendor, event goers return dishes at established bussing/drop-off stations that have been identified during the event planning phase. 

Action Rent-All collects the dirty dishware from the drop off stations and transports them back to their industrial, state-of-the-art washing facility for washing and sterilization, all for less than the cost of providing disposable food service ware.

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1. How does the Sustainable Event Services Program work?
2. What dishware is available?
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