Why doesn't the City have a set sweeping schedule?

Currently the City has no set sweeping schedule because sweeper routes are complex and daily sweeping may be interrupted to respond to special situations such as vehicle accidents clean-ups, winter sand recovery (after a snow or ice storm) and leaf collections. Other factors that contribute to a variable schedule are debris load sizes, sweeper down time, staffing levels and storm events.

Although the City doesn’t have a set sweeping schedule we do offer a program called Sweeper Track. This program will allow residents to look up their address on the City’s website and see their route and if the route is in progress of being swept. It will also show our progress and where they’re expected to work the next day. Our hope is that this will give more accurate information into our timing and let people understand when we’ll be on their street. Note: Sweeper Track is suspended every year during Leaf Season (November - January).

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1. Why doesn't the City have a set sweeping schedule?
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