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Event Notification Form

  1. Event Notification Form
    After you submit this form, you will be contacted via email or phone to let you know your event is being reviewed, and which permit applications you will likely need to complete in order to hold your event. Submitting this form is not a substitution for applying for and obtaining the necessary permits. Submission of this form will enable city staff to assist you in the permit application process, including identifying potential problems with the proposed event that could result in permit denial.
  2. Do you plan to use public trails, bike paths, sidewalks and/or roadways for the event that will result in closure or restricted access? If "yes," please identify the proposed route locations and the closure/restriction times.
  3. Event Organization Information
  4. Is your organization a non-profit 501 3c or a government/public agency?
  5. Additional Event Information
  6. Will you have vendors at your event?
  7. How many vendors will you have?
  8. Will vendors be cooking or frying?
  9. Is this the first time for this event?
  10. Is this a one-time event, or will it happen annually and/or on other dates?
  11. Will alcohol be sold and / or served at the event?
  12. Will food be sold and / or served at the event?
  13. Will you have amplified sound at your event for any of the following? (Please check all that apply)
  14. Will you have a stage at the event?
    • Time of operation
    • What size and how high is the stage
    • Are there any overhead structures or walls on the stage
    • Type of performance(s)
    • Expected audience size
  15. Will you be hiring security staff and / or need to contract for Eugene Police officers for traffic control and / or crowd control?
  16. Are there any high risk issues or other special concerns regarding this event?
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