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  1. 911 Community Feedback

    A brief customer-service survey for people who have called 911


    Form for partner agencies requesting a change in CLCC's CAD configuration. Questions call 541-682-2783 or Fax 541-682-2790.

  3. CLCC SW7 Radio Outage Notification Sign Up

    Sign up to receive email, text and/or pager notifications for radio system outages.

  4. Recruiting Team - Contact Form

    This is a form that allows the Recruiting Team to contact people who are interested in the Eugene Police Department and the hiring... More…

  5. Request for K9 Presentation
  6. Safety Town Scholarship Application 2020

    Apply for a Safety Town scholarship for 2020.

  7. Speed Radar Trailer Request Form

    Radar Trailer deployments alert drivers of their speed in real time, are for approximately 6 days, are generated by neighborhood... More…

  8. Stolen Firearms Response Form
  9. SW7 Radio Change Request Form
  10. Trespass Letter of Consent

    Register your address, or a location for which you are responsible, and authorize the Eugene Police Department to take action on... More…

  1. CAD Change Authorization Form

    For use by partner agencies to authorize personnel to request CAD changes from CLCC. For questions call 541-682-2771. This form can... More…

  2. CLCC CAD Special Information File (FLAG) Worksheet

    This worksheet will be considered the official record for users and partner agencies to submit information for entry into the CAD... More…

  3. Eugene Police Department Cadet Program Application for Membership

    Please complete the following application for membership.

  4. Rental Property Program

    Register the address of your rental property, or other business, to receive an automatic email most times a police incident is... More…

  5. Request for Public Records

    This is the public records request form for the Eugene Police Department. Please fill out this form completely to the best of your... More…

  6. Seniors on Patrol Self-Screening Questionnaire
  7. Squad Car Maintenance Team Self Screening Questionnaire
  8. Stolen Vehicle Response Form
  9. Thank an Employee
  10. Volunteers in Policing Application