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Amazon Park


  1. Ball fields
  2. Basketball
  3. Bike / Pedestrian path
  4. Community garden
  5. Dog park
  6. Drinking fountains
  7. Exercise stations
  8. Looped path
  9. Off street bike / pedestrian path
  10. Parking lot
  11. Performance space
  12. Picnic tables
  13. Play area
  14. Play area - ADA
  15. Public art
  16. Recreation center
  17. Restrooms
  18. Sand volleyball
  19. Shared-use trail
  20. Skatepark
  21. Soccer field
  22. Sports / Play field - informal
  23. Tennis courts
  24. Water spigot


Amazon Park is a vibrant, active park in the heart of south Eugene. It encompasses nearly 100 acres, including numerous recreation opportunities, community centers, and natural areas. The diversity of activities that park users can enjoy makes Amazon Park particularly special.

Recreation facilities at Amazon Park include two community centers and Eugene’s only outdoor pool. Amazon Community Center offers a variety of enrichment activities, classes, workshops, special events, and summer camps for people of all ages. Hilyard Community Center is where the city’s Adaptive Recreation Program is housed, which offers opportunities for people with physical, developmental and emotional disabilities to develop active health and playful lifestyles. Amazon Pool is an outdoor pool facility located at 2600 Hilyard Street, and typically is open late May through September.

For more information on programs offered at the community centers or Amazon Pool, visit the City of Eugene Recreation web page.

The North and South Amazon Running Trail System, a 5.5-mile bark jogging path, winds through Amazon Park, along Amazon Parkway and up to Frank Kinney Park, where a connection to the Ridgeline Park can be found at the end of Canyon Drive.

Other notable facilities in Amazon Park include ball and soccer fields, tennis courts (managed by 4J), a community garden, an outdoor performance space, play area, a small skateboard bowl, a 3 acre dog park for dogs of all sizes and a separate .5 acre dog park for dogs that weigh 25 pounds or less.

Some of the natural features of Amazon Park which add to its beauty, value and educational opportunities include: Amazon Creek, ash woodlands, wet prairie areas including restored wetlands, and a preserve for the federally listed endangered species, Bradshaw’s Lomatium, Lomatium bradshawii. Two of these special park features have been given Native American, Kalapuyan names. Students involved with the South Eugene Environmental Club initiated the naming effort through their volunteer activities helping to maintain wetland areas in the park. The students consulted with area Native American elders to determine appropriate names. The restored wetland located to the west of the playground is named Gawa-Ni, which translates into “place where you walk through wetlands”. The ash grove on the west side of the creek is named Ma-Lik, which translates into “ash tree grove.”

2018 Parks and Recreation Bond and Levy

Funded by the 2018 Parks and Recreation Bond, the North Amazon Running Trail reconstruction was completed in November 2020. The project added a thicker rock base for long-term stability and a more level path without changing the footprint of the trail. Additional improvements based on community feedback included replacement of current lighting, a shelter and distance markers. As new bond projects are completed and transition to park operations stewardship, levy funds from the 2018 Parks and Recreation Levy provide for their maintenance.

Eugene's First Fully-Inclusive Playground

In the early 1980’s, Amazon Park Playground broke new ground as one of the first fully wheelchair accessible play structures in the country. In 2017, the playground was remodeled and took this legacy of accessibility to an unprecedented level. It is now proudly Eugene’s first fully-inclusive playground for all ages and mobility.

In addition to a new play structure, there are three types of swings, spinners that include strong back support, and critical rubber surfacing that lets people in wheelchairs access the play area with ease. Wider sidewalks, new furniture, a broader lawn area were also added.

One in 20 children in the United States has a disability, whether it’s learning, mobility or developmental. For these children, sensory stimulation is key. Through the fundraising efforts of the Eugene Parks Foundation, musical instruments have transformed this playground into a musical arena for kids of all ages and abilities to shine in a solo or create their own band. 

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