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1. Is there a way to get a vehicle released from impound if the registered owner of the vehicle is out of town or otherwise unable to come to Police Records?
2. How do I pick up my vehicle when the officer kept my drivers license?
3. My friend is insured on any car he/she drives. Can they come with me to pick up my impounded vehicle?
4. We will be towing the vehicle from the impound lot. Do I still need a valid driver and to have the vehicle insured?
5. My vehicle was impounded last night. Where is it?
6. My proof of insurance is in my vehicle. I showed it to the officer at the time of the stop. Can I get my vehicle out of impound?
7. Will my insurance bill serve as valid proof of insurance?
8. Can I use a bill of sale or signed off title as proof of ownership?
9. Can I contest the validity of my vehicle impound?